CGS SCI-SIX 5.56 Silencer, black


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5.56 / 6mm
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Product Overview

PEW Science tested!

The SCI-SIX is a centerfire rifle silencer intended for use on semiautomatic and automatic 5.56x45mm host weapons, with no barrel length restrictions. Its bore is large enough to also suppress 6mm cartridges. The silencer mounts to the host firearm with a flash hider mount that left hand threads to the silencer body. It has a 1.64 inch primary diameter and is 6.5 inches long with the mount installed. The main silencer body is constructed from 718 Inconel using additive manufacturing (DMLS 3D printing). The silencer weighs 17 ounces and with the included flash hider mount, the total system weight is 19.6ounces. The included mount adds 1.125 inches.

This silencer was designed to improve on the performance offered by the venerable Surefire SOCOM556 RC2. It has been characterized by PEW Science.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review