Swamp Yankee Arms Oppssum Barrel

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Product Overview

The Swamp Yankee Arms LLC Opossum is a 5.56/223 chambered 14.625" barrel with 1/2x28 threading and a 1/7 twist. It features a nitride finish, a dimple for the gas block, and a rifle length gas system. While it could just be another barrel on the market, we made this will suppression and comfort in mind. The Opossum is intended and designed to be run with traditionally baffled suppressors and has comparable gas blowback of an unsuppressed firearm with virtually no dwell time and designed to be as soft shooting as a 20" HBAR. With the intent to be suppressed, this barrel basically won't function without a suppressor so we 0/10 don't recommend using it without a suppressor. It also features a modified straight barrel profile and increased rigidity while reducing overall weight. The accuracy of the Opossum is sub MOA guaranteed with match grad ammunition.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review